We are scientists as well as contractors so we understand how drilling services should be performed including: prompt service, professional documentation, correct utility locates, accurate sampling, proper grouting, complete records, proper decontamination procedures, and follow up accountability.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
"Just a short note to let you know how impressed I was with (WCEC) last week.  (WCEC) was out there all week with us, and we were really glad to have such a knowledgeable, professional subcontractor working with us.  (WCEC) really aims to please and came through for us despite some challenging conditions at times.  I also appreciated (WCEC) being extra cautious while abandoning two wells in an area we had just seeded and restored.  We’ll certainly keep your company in mind to support additional field work at this and other projects in the future. "

WCEC Drilling Services Provided:

Geoprobe® Services (All Terrain and Truck Mounted)


  • Continuous soil testing via Dual-Tube and/or Macro-Core samplers
  • Discrete soil testing via Dual-Tube or Large-Bore Samplers
  • Discrete water sampling via Screen Point 15 method
  • Conventional water sampling via 1”pvc screens and casing
  • Temporary and permanent soil gas monitoring points

Direct Sensing

  • Electrical Conductivity Probing
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence probing


Hollow Stem Auger Services (All-Terrain and Truck Mounted)

  • Licensed monitor well installers in
    MN, SD, ND, & MT
  • 2" to 4" diameter monitoring wells
  • Hollow-stem/Macro-Core Hybrid Continuous Soil Sampling.

Well and Boring Sealing Services

  • Monitor and potable well sealing
  • Site restoration and follow up reporting

WCEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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