WCEC 24 Hour Spill Contact Information

Western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and all of Montana:  (888) 923-2778

Minneapolis / St. Paul Region, Eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa:  (952) 980-3247

Disaster Response Services

WCEC's experience with natural disaster response includes rapid response, assessment and cleanup after major flooding and damaging winds.  Widespread flooding in SE Minnesota in 2007 caused multiple (over 2 dozen) fuel oil releases in family homes and surface water.  WCEC responded with multiple hazmat teams to assess and complete the cleanups in 10 days.  A tornado in St. Peter, Minnesota in 1998 resulted in a level A hazmat response to multiple unknowns in a damage building.  WCEC also assisted in the cleanup after the 2008 Hugo, Minnesota tornado.



Water Response

Fuel and oil releases to surface water can contaminate drinking water supplies, cause fish kills, and damage sensitive wetlands, wildlife habitat, and recreational waters.  WCEC provides rapid water response that includes containment and recovery of fuels, oils, and other BOD hazards.  WCEC holds an US Coast Guard Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) classification and is equipped with thousands of feet of containment boom, boats, skimmers, and vacuum trucks, and personnel properly trained each year to be successful in product recovery from water. 



Transportation Incidents

WCEC responds to spills for railroads, trucking companies, fuel delivery companies, and airlines, to name a few.  WCEC's rapid response times help re-open highways and track faster allowing business to resume quickly.  WCEC's staff have security clearances and training necessary to access and assist in cleanups on sensitive or restricted properties.



Mercury Cleanups

Mercury vapors from thermometers and other sources makes areas temporarily inhabitable and cleanups can be costly.  WCEC uses cost effective methods to handle each site individually.  WCEC identifies and removes mercury at dozens of sites each year using state of the art Lumex® vapor meters, mercury vacuums, and a network of disposal/recycling companies.

Vapor Mitigation / Hazardous Atmospheres

Each year new and old chemical releases and fuel spills cause vapors to accumulate in sewers, basements, and other underground structures causing health and safety risks to the public.  Vapor intrusion pathways are now being evaluated for risk more systematically than in the past.  WCEC has provided emergency investigation and cleanup services to identify and eliminate sources of vapors to sewers, homes, schools, hospitals, and others.  Whether it be removing mercury vapors from a school or identifying fuel vapor pathways into homes, WCEC has the equipment, personnel, experience, and knowledge to correct the problem.

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