West Central Environmental Consultants conducts Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) in accordance with the most current ASTM Standards and the Environmental Protection Agency’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI). Our staff have strong academic backgrounds and keep abreast of updates to pertinent regulatory guidelines. WCEC’s success is directly linked to a staff that has years of experience with day to day business operations of various trades and property uses and the potential problems that may arise with hazardous material handling.


The purpose of ESA’s is to accurately define environmental liabilities associated with a particular property. To define an environmental liability, requires a thorough and diverse knowledge of regulatory guidelines of numerous State and Federal agencies. WCEC’s broad base of experience completing environmental investigations and cleanups associated with petroleum, ag chemical and fertilizers, solvents, and heavy metals, is critical in defining the environmental liability and determining the magnitude of the liability. WCEC’s clientele also require a firm understanding of business risks, including compliance issues, material handling, asbestos, wetland identification, and disposal requirements.


The WCEC staff have completed hundreds of Phase I and II ESA’s in both rural and metropolitan areas. Accurately determining the historical use of the property is critical to successfully determining potential environmental liabilities. WCEC’s diverse geographic experience of collecting historical information in sometimes vastly different ways. Limited resources in rural Counties often requires additional historical sources that only WCEC’s rural experience can provide.


Your environmental assessment needs will be tailored to your specific situation. Buying or Selling? Undeveloped land or Industrial facility? Look for WCEC to help facilitate your real estate transaction by defining a property’s environmental liabilities and effectively managing the associated risks. WCEC provides risk management and sensible solutions, not barriers to your success.

WCEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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