West Central Environmental Consultants, Inc. (WCEC) has merged our contract services division with Matrix Environmental, LLC (Matrix) to strengthen our real-time site characterization capabilities for our national and international clients.

What our clients are saying about UVOST®:
"I have some very good news as we attained a major milestone today.  We began delineating in the Fueling Area near MW-4.  At the middle of today, we got to the point where I have a valid argument for calling the Fueling Area delineated!  This was based off of conversations with the MPCA and my often-changed definition of what "clean" looked like based on LIF data and spot-testing open LIF boreholes for signs of free product. 
The original Fueling Corrective Action Area spanned 89,500 square feet.  The rough calcuation from my field sketch and pencil lines shows the new total at 22,500 square feet, a 75% reduction in area/25% of the original area (+/-).  I feel confident that this should reduce the amount of time (and cost) we have until project closure when compared with the previous areas."

LIF/UVOST® Technology
The key to understanding the why LIF technology is a prerequisite to effective remediation is understanding the distinct phases of hydrocarbon contamination and the fate/transport mechanisms which influence NAPL in the subsurface.

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The four distinct hydrocarbon contamination phases
  • Vapor Phase
  • Dissolved Phase
  • Adhered Phase
  • Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (Residual and Mobile NAPL)

The traditional investigation methods are effective at locating and defining the vapor phase, dissolved phase, and adhered phase contamination; they are ineffective at locating and defining the source of these contamination phases – NAPL.  LIF technology focuses on NAPL exclusively, which sets it apart in the environmental field.  This ability allows investigations to focus on the source of the problem (NAPL) rather than the symptom of the problem (vapor, adsorbed, and dissolved phase contamination), finally providing environmental professionals with the information required to make effective and efficient remediation decisions.  



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At all sites with NAPL, residual phase NAPL will be present and is discontinuous and adheres to soil particles via capillary forces and thus generally not capable of migration and accumulation.  In some sites with NAPL, mobile NAPL is present and is continuous, capable of migration (but not necessarily migrating), and often accumulates in monitoring wells. The presence of residual NAPL in the absence of mobile NAPL can often lead to inaccurate conclusions regarding the actual magnitude of the source area.

LIF/UVOST® allows environmental professionals to quickly and accurately define the extent of NAPL at contaminated sites via the direct sensing method capable of drilling several hundred feet per day without the need to collect samples.  By focusing only NAPL, remediation experts can focus on the remediation of the source areas as soil gas vapor and dissolved contamination will attenuate if its source is removed.   

WCEC also provides Integrated Site Visualization (ISV) services to deliver a 3D representation of the site conceptual model. More information about our ISV services can be found HERE.

Actual 3-D LNAPL Plume

All LIF borings are located via sub-meter GPS which can be useful during data interpretation and remediation planning stages.   Field copies of all LIF borings are printed and provided to the client immediately after completion of the boring. 

A more detailed description of LIF/UVOST® technology can be viewed by using the following  link:  UVOST Web Presentation or clicking on the image below.



You can now watch a 60-minute recording of a recent live webinar event, useful for anyone who has interest in learning more about the science and applicability of the LIF technology and data analysis for LNAPL sites:

LIF and ISV Webinar On Demand from WCEC Video Channel on Vimeo.


The slides from our On-Demand Webinar can be viewed below (no audio or video). You may also download and save the slides by clicking the link provided directly below the presentation window.


LIF and ISV presentation download from wcec_foc


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