WCEC continually evolves and provides new technologies to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers.  Our foremost expertise is conducting contaminated site investigations and remediation.  WCEC has over 18 years experience working on petroleum-related and agricultural chemical projects.  This experience ranges from investigations of very small petroleum spill or leak sites and tank removals, to comprehensive large-scale investigations requiring extensive remediation. 

WCEC is proficient at data interpretation, data analysis, providing recommendations and options for site closure and/or remediation, and communicating with clients and various regulatory staff.  Our goals for site investigations have always been to continually communicate the process and progress of the project to our client and to achieve site closure as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

WCEC’s staff of engineers, geologists, and technicians possess a unique collaboration of academic skills with practical hands-on experience gained from over 18 years of remediation system design and implementation. WCEC has completed well over 1,200 soil and groundwater investigations.  We have designed, installed and/or operated over 50 remediation systems in Minnesota, over 20 remediation systems in Montana, and over 20 remediation systems in other states utilizing a wide range of technologies.


WCEC was one of the first consultants in Minnesota to own and operate GeoprobeTM push probe soil and groundwater sampling technology.  Since 1992, we have expanded our push probe investigations to include soil vapor and electrical conductivity assessments.  After successfully using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technology to identify non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) at some of our petroleum leak site projects, WCEC purchased the technology.  We now provide LIF investigative services to other environmental consultants and corporations, as well as continuing to use this innovative technology on WCEC projects. LIF has proven to be a valuable tool in determining the “most appropriate” remediation technology for individual sites.  WCEC also oversees subsurface investigations utilizing other site appropriate technologies such as hollow-stemauger and rotosonic drilling.

WCEC assisted a business located in northern Minnesota when they reported noticing gasoline odors in their basement.  WCEC conducted an investigation and determined the source of the vapors to be hydrocarbons in the subsurface on an adjacent property.  WCEC submitted a detailed corrective action design report to the regulatory agency outlining an SVE system design to remove petroleum contamination from the vadose zone through volatile extraction.  After the regulatory agency approved the proposed corrective action, WCEC then designed, installed, and operated a soil vapor extraction system.    The system was installed in 2005 and was shutdown in 2008, recovering 4700 kg of hydrocarbons in the vapor phase.

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