At WCEC, we complete over 60 environmental site assessment projects annually, rigorously complying with ASTM standards.  Scientists and engineers collect and analyze data, document conditions, and identify problems in a wide range of hazardous substance situations.
Soil, groundwater and vapor sampling, as well as asbestos and lead sampling and analysis, are completed as necessary.
After determining the extent of a problem, control and cleanup are carried out in a timely and efficient manner, so threats to human health and the environment are minimized. 
In addition to investigation and remediation of hazardous material spills, WCEC regularly completes assessments for commercial, industrial and farm real estate development.  We also perform assessments for property refinancing and property transfers in compliance with county and state regulations.

WCEC also determines wetland boundaries for clients developing property along lakeshores or other possible wetland areas.  The ability to design plans based on wetland delineation aids in the preservation of this fragile ecosystem, while allowing for sensible development.  

WCEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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