WCEC Expands Subsurface Data Visualization Capabilities - 01/08/2013

WCEC has expanded its subsurface data visualization capabilities with the introduction of Integrated Site Visualization™ (ISV) services.

ISVs combine geospatial imagery and maps with all types of subsurface environmental data to bring your site conceptual model to life in high resolution. Contaminant chemistry data is depicted  along with lithology and stratigraphy data for a more complete understanding of subsurface contaminant fate and transport.  3D images of the extent and magnitude of the contaminant plume are used to determine volumetric parameters. Traditional basemap features such as CAD drawings or aerial photographs can be overlaid for spatial reference.  Deliverables include static images, digital animations, and dynamic 3D files with an interactive viewer.

You can view brief sample ISV animations at www.wcec.com in the WCEC Feature section, or at our YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/wcecinc

Please contact Myles Morris at WCEC for more information about your project. 

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