WCEC - Innovative Environmental Solutions

Founded in April, 1990, WCEC has grown to become a leader in the environmental consulting field and continues to solve environmental problems quickly, efficiently and safely. 

Vice-President Jim VanAlstine is one of WCEC's founders. The vision of the business has always been straightforward: to merge the professional side of consulting with the contractual side, giving clients the best possible solutions to all their environmental needs.  The idea was revolutionary and a major success. 

This groundbreaking approach to environmental consulting created WCEC, a hybrid company able to provide cost-effective, high-quality service to various state and private businesses. 

At WCEC, we are proud of our multi-disciplinary team.  Scientists with advanced degrees in various fields work closely with contract professionals to combine all areas of environmental consulting.   Our full-service concept gives us the advantage of supervision over every aspect of a project, allowing for quality control and quick reaction time. 

Through our successful management of countless environmental issues, we instill trust in our clients and have developed long lasting relationships.  We strive to meet our clients' needs by providing cost-effective, successful solutions for any environmental issue.
WCEC is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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