Douglas Stahman

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Douglas Stahman
General Manager

14 Green River Road
Morris, MN 56267

(v) +1 320 589 2039

Mr. Stahman has more than 25 years of experience conducting investigations on the interactions between the atmosphere, soil, and groundwater systems. He directs Office Managers and Team Leaders as they conduct environmental site assessments and investigations, UST and AST removals, and remediation of petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater. Mr. Stahman has an excellent working relationship with state regulatory and reimbursement funding agencies, and he has experience with and knowledge of rules and regulations for states in WCEC's service area. He has designed, implemented, and completed research projects in the fields of soil mechanics, surface water chemistry, and groundwater chemistry and flow. Mr. Stahman has experience in a wide range of environmental projects including UST and AST removals, asbestos sampling and analysis, site investigations and closures, phase I and II environmental assessments, and agricultural chemical abatement projects.

Mr. Stahman is a participant of WCEC's spill response program, serving as a team leader and safety officer. He also serves as a volunteer on state committees regarding HazMat response and resources/equipment available to fire services and serves on the Department of Public Safety's Regional Review Committee for Region IV as an Emergency Responder.


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