Jim Rolle

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Jim Rolle
Director, Environmental Services

1030 South Ave. W
Missoula, MT 59801

(v) +1 406 549 8487

Jim Rolle has 18 years of experience managing and conducting all aspects of environmental investigation and remediation projects in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, ranging from petroleum leak site investigations to complex fractured bedrock plume modeling and remediation. In addition to managing the nation-wide operational, business, and financial aspects of WCEC's Environmental Services Division, he advises and oversees project managers, engineers, and other technical staff as they conduct environmental site assessments and investigations, UST and AST removals, and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. He has an excellent working relationship with state, federal, and Tribal regulatory agencies. Mr. Rolle is responsible for the development and implementation of soil, groundwater, indoor air, and surface water investigation, remediation, and monitoring work plans. He has completed numerous technical designs and installations of remediation systems using a wide variety of suitable technologies. Mr. Rolle's project experience includes serving as the technical lead for various MT DEQ and US EPA projects involving impacts to residential drinking water supply wells and vapor intrusion into residences. Mr. Rolle oversees the collection of legally defensible data and has provided data analysis, interpretation, and professional opinions in support of environmental litigation for a variety of projects.


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