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WCEC Emergency Services

As first responders to hazardous chemical spills by the transportation industry, including railroads, trucking firms, fuel delivery companies and airlines, WCEC’s highly trained emergency response staff are supported by our professional scientists and engineers to ensure that a safe and comprehensive mitigation of the spill and associated hazards is achieved. Our emergency response group also specializes in supporting public and private clients at natural disaster and hazardous environment locations such as vapor intrusion mitigation where threats to human health and the environment are identified. Whether you’re facing a 10 gallon industrial chemical spill or a 10,000 bbl crude oil spill, WCEC will provide highly trained personnel that are equipped to safely manage the incident through closure.

WCEC delivers safe, cost-effective emergency response services at incidents ranging from pipeline ruptures to train derailments and other industrial chemical spill incidents, and has accordingly earned the trust and customer loyalty of major companies, local and regional municipalities and state environmental agencies. Our experience with private industry and as an incumbent under the current Minnesota Department of Administration Spill Contract for petroleum and hazardous waste cleanup since 1993, as well as our experience as a former Minnesota Department of Public Safety/Homeland Security & Emergency Management contractor, has resulted in the completion of thousands of emergency spill projects over the past 20 years.


24 Hour / 365 Day Emergency Contact: 888.923.2778